For More Information On: West Region ODP Summer ID Camp (UT) - Boys (July 13-16, 2022) West Region Contact Information 2021 - 2022 Interregional ODP Rosters 2004 - Boys 2004 - Girls 2005 - Boys 2005 - Girls 2006 - Boys 2006 - Girls 2007 - Boys 2007 - Girls 2008 - Boys 2008 - Girls 2009 - Boys 2009 - Girls. For more information on all things ODP, be sure to visit the homepage by clicking here. See below for important dates coming up on the ODP calendar. 2021-22 ODP Season Regional Championships and Evaluation Events January 7-9, 2022 East Regional - Greensboro, NC - GLZ, MWZ, NEZ, SEZ January 7-9, 2022 West Regional - TBD- HAW, MNT, PNW, SWZ. The first open tryout was 4 session - 1 per district ($40). The second phase ($50) is like VA's District pool. Select players invited to 3 more evaluations in their designated district. The final phase ($100) select players invited back for 3 training sessions and VA Friendly ($150). TISCA West Region Season Opens with Surprises. By Tom Andrew. The 2020 high school season is off to an exciting start in TISCA Water Polo’s West Region as we saw 19 boys and girls teams take to the pool last weekend at the Longhorn Spring Invite held at the Texas Swim Center. On the girl’s end, the LASA (newly christened) Velociraptors are.

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